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    I’m Nirmel Mouchiquel, a jazz and classical musician in France, in Dijon, professional since 1994. I send you a link about my artistic researches with mathematics and phylosophy, even if I’m not recognized by [french] universities (I have a problem with institutions and their authorities and legalizations about competencies even if I respect capacities of individuals).
    the page is a legal free downloading files, about my writings, and there is my criticize about Sartre’s conception of emotion before he met S De Beauvoir. It is not the XVII° effectively… but it may be interrest you in order to have some supplementary material to think today.
    It is written in reference to my musical practice since 19 years.
    And there are audios which you can listen to freely on streaming.
    Thank you for these researches you practice.
    Nirmel M.

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